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I bought a 2015 Nissan Altima Louis got a low monthly payment with a low down payment thanks Louis

Angel Del Infierno Torres


Okay, I normally never have time to write a review, but I would like to write about my experience when purchasing a vehicle, I must say that we all know how frustrated it must be to have to buy a vehicle and we dread to go to a car dealership lol lol Right, but in this case I had such a wonderful experience thanks to Louis and his partner Chris, they both deserve recognition for their integrity and their excellent excellent customer service. I know now that I made the right decision by stopping by and I walked out with a truck, they both put in long hours and gave me a good deal they made sure that my payments were affordable and thats important to me, so one message I would like to send out is if anyone is looking for a car this is the place you would like to go to because they have a good reputation on customer service and they always put the customer first and thats important, I would like take this opportunity And say Thank you Louis for your impeccable customer service I wish you all the luck and continue to provide good customer service

Gigi Galvez


Amazing service by Louis Bucio! We bought our Gmc Sierra 2 years ago and its still running strong, without any issues !! Definitely the place to go when car shopping! Financing, paperwork all of it was easy , he handled everything quickly and efficiently . Highly recommended

Rochelle Roland


Thank you to Louis Bucio I was able to get my first car at a great price c: The dealership does an excellent job on trying to lower the price and give you a good APR, as well as a monthly payment. I would recommend to anyone to stop at this dealership and check out the cars and ask for an estimate. Ask for Louis Bucio he is very helpful and does an extreme good job to help his customers(:

Adrian Alex Morales Ortiz


I came here to buy my first car a bit nervous cause I knew nothing about what car I wanted but the great customer service that Louis provided made me feel comfortable enough to trust him In helping me find the perfect car that fit my budget. He was very attentive and helpful with every question I had! I would recommend anyone who decides to buy their first car to come here and speak to Louis! He will most definitely help you out !

Kristy Arrieta


I went in only to browse the vehicles since it was my first car and I wanted to choose a right one. As I was looking around I came across a few cars I liked and Louis suggested test drive two that I liked. I didnt think I would find my first car there and I would purchase one instantly but I did! I couldnt be more satisfied! Louis Sales Experience is amazing ! He even suggested me more cars to look at at the same price range but I had to leave with the KIA that I liked so much! I give Louis Sales Work and the place itself 5 STARS!

Anabel Venegas


I dont usually write reviews but I cannot ignore the amazing customer service shown to me by one of their employees. Louis Bucio not only helped me purchase my truck but he walked me through the steps (as this was my first vehicle of that caliber) and made the process much easier and even enjoyable. I valued his professionalism so much I referred my friend to him who also purchased his car with Louis help. Both vehicles have served us greatly and his understanding and willingness to help with any issue that arose still rings true today. The only reason I gave 5 stars is because I cant give 10.

Kevin Hoover


LOUIS BUCIO, helped my husband and I get the car we wanted, pushed through for the lowest monthly payment and even helped us get a better insurance than the one we had at an even lower price than what we would of paid had we continued with our insurance!! He left no question unanswered and gave us amazing customer service. We left that place thinking that Louis can help you with absolutely everything that you need for your car. Even the staff there had a very positive attitude. We sincerely loved the staff, the customer service and this auto sales. I highly recommend SD Mission Auto if youre looking for your next used car. Much thanks ) Louis, From Gaby & Ana

Ana Flores